MJ Doctor Warrants Unsealed

LAS VEGAS – A NEVADA judge released warrant documents on Wednesday similar to those previously disclosed in the investigation of pop singer Michael Jackson’s death.

However, Clark County District Court Judge Valerie Adair decided to keep other documents sealed for at least 30 more days at the request of police conducting a homicide investigation.

Ms Adair refused to disclose documents relating to an Aug 11 search of a Las Vegas pharmacy where authorities say Jackson’s personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, bought the powerful anesthetic propofol.

The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Jackson’s death a homicide, caused primarily by propofol and another sedative. Dr Murray has not been charged with a crime but is the focus of the probe.

Lawyers representing The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, TMZ Productions Inc of Los Angeles and Stephens Media LLC, the parent company of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, are seeking the release of all search warrant documents relating to the Jackson case in Nevada.

After reviewing affidavits and hearing closed-door testimony from a police detective, Ms Adair said she was convinced that releasing documents involving the search of Applied Pharmacy Services ‘could compromise the Los Angeles Police Department’s ongoing investigation into the homicide of Michael Jackson.’ She ordered a Nov 18 hearing to determine whether there is continued justification to keep the search warrant sealed. — AP

Straits Times

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